Peter's Family

family-01.jpgPeter Montalbano Sr. founded Peter’s Fruit Company in 1976. He decided to leave Queens and move to the suburbs with his wife Laura and their six children. Peter Sr. opened up a small fruit and vegetable store on William Floyd Parkway in Shirley, New York. He was determined to reach success, and he instilled this determination and ambition into his children. They all worked incredibly hard to help Peter Sr. make his dreams of a prosperous fruit and vegetable company come true. Their dedication and commitment helped the company to grow.

Unfortunately, when Peter Sr. was 59 years old, he broke his leg and suffered from a minor stroke. He decided it was time to leave the company to his now grown children and spend more quality time at home with Laura. The Montalbano brothers decided that it was time to expand on distribution services within Peter’s Fruit Company.


The Montalbano brothers rented a small warehouse space off of Horseblock Road in Yaphank, New York. Within in a few years, it became clear that the business decision to expand distribution was a smart one. The brothers discovered that buying and distributing was the future of Peter’s Fruit Company and would propel them to even more years of effective business.

After many years of hard work, the brothers were thrilled to finally be able to purchase their very first business real estate. The facility they purchased started at 12,000 square feet, including state of the art refrigeration to ensure the freshest quality produce.

40 years later, Peter’s children and grandchildren allow his vision of the company to flourish. Their facility now extends to 45,000 square feet and expanding. The brothers and their children continue to dedicate themselves to keeping up the company’s top of the line reputation. Peter’s Fruit has been owned and operated for three generations, servicing all of Long Island and New York.